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Solitary Retreat Venues

  • Lokeshvara's Solitary Cottage in France

    Good for longer retreats. This is a small house I bought off Suratna five years ago in the Limousin, which is next to the Dordogne. It has two rooms, a bedroom and meditation space upstairs and a kitchen / lounge sort of room downstairs. It's very basic, though there is mains water and electricity, a wood burning stove, a gas hob for cooking, a shower, and a compost toilet outdoors. You can see some photos here.

    There is also an acre of woodland and you can see for 20km from the back door. It'll take a day to get there (for example 7.5 hours by train from London via Paris and then a taxi or lift from my friends) so i'd suggest it's best for longer solitary retreats. I own it with my brother and we charge £100/week for non-Sangha people, but £65/week for anyone in our Sangha covers our costs. Bookings contact lokeshvara at fwbo dot org.

    For bookings contact

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