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Solitary Retreat Venues

  • Dhanakosa Crotha Bothy

    The Crotha Bothy retreat hut is situated at an altitude of 1,300 feet in Crotha Glen, behind Dhanakosa. There are no roads or houses visible from the bothy and access is by foot or quad bike only. The bothy provides a more remote solitary retreat facility for those experienced with solitary retreats and looking for a secluded space to do a longer retreat. You can book for a minimum period of 3 weeks up to several months or longer and bookings run Tuesday-Tuesday. Cost: 3 weeks £500 (deposit £100), 1 month £625 (deposit £100).

    There is an application process to book a retreat in the bothy due to the isolated location and longer minimum period of stay. For more information visit our website.

    For bookings contact the Dhanakosa office to enquire about availability and to book, call 01877 384 213, or e-mail info@dhanakosa.com

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