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Solitary Retreat Venues

  • Dhanakosa Vajra Sheilin

    The Vajra Sheilin retreat hut is set in Dhanakosa's grounds, on the hillside above the retreat centre and overlooking Loch Voil in the beautiful Scottish Highlands. It is an excellent facility both for those familiar to retreat practice, and for those who are looking to undertake their first solitary retreat. You can book for one to two weeks at a time and bookings run Friday-Friday. Booking fee £75 per week, suggested donation waged £250, unwaged £145. For more infomation visit http://www.dhanakosa.com/vajra-sheilin-solitary-retreat-hut

    For bookings contact the Dhanakosa office to enquire about availability and to book, call 01877 384 213, or e-mail info@dhanakosa.com

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