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The Weaving House

The Weaving House at Samting, Adelsö is a large, well insulated and comfortable one-room wooden cabin in 10 hectares of garden, meadow and forest, on the island of Adelsö in Lake Mälaren just to the west of Stockholm. Though it's near the end of a bus route to the city, it's surprisingly remote, on a private road with no passing traffic.

You are welcome here for a retreat or holiday, on your own or with a friend or partner at any time of year. One Order member who did a six-week solitary here in the snowy depths of winter said it was her 'favourite place on earth'!

The cabin has a single bed, double sofabed, toilet, small kitchen, woodburning stove, electricity and hot water, and the glass porch is a sunny place to sit. There's a shower in the adjoining building; also an outdoor shower during the summer months. You can meditate in the cabin but an outside deck or our large shrine room may also be available.

The cabin is on a walking trail around the island and bicycles are available. There's plenty of lake swimming and a very good food shop is just 10 minutes' cycle ride away.

Another (very small) cabin next door may be available should you wish to come with a friend, sleeping in separate cabins but sharing the Weaving House kitchen facilities.

Munisha and Pavarabodhi may sometimes be in their cottage next door.

See it on the map below and here's the local tourist map, with Samting right in the middle, at the crossroads on the blue trail.

(If you arrive in Stockholm in the morning you can get here the same day by public transport.)


Suggested donations

April-September £35 or SEK 350 per day per person.

October-March £45 or SEK 450 per day per person (including firewood)

We will ask for a deposit when booking.

Contact Munisha for more information

Booking Info & Location

catherine.hopper [at]


The most beautiful solitary place I've been to

I spent five weeks here in the winter - alone, and most of the time snowed in. The solitary location, the silence, the brightness of the snowy landsacpe, the beautiful surroundings with varied walks in forest, meadows or to the lakeside and almost daily deer-sightings, and the cosy, warm hut... it felt truly magical . This is clearly the solitary place I love best, and I have tried quite a few!


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