Alfoxton Park

Alfoxton Park is located in the heart of the Quantocks hills. In 1797 William and Dorothy Wordsworth took up residence to be close to their friend Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The inspiration they took from the enchanting landscape gave rise to some of the best-loved poems in the English language and has led Alfoxton to be considered the birthplace of the Romantic movement.

Now Alfoxton has begun its new life as a Triratna Retreat Centre, offering a unique combination of Buddhist retreats and those focused on the arts and nature. The emphasis is on cultivating creative expression and inner depth. 

Visitors will find a peaceful refuge from everyday life, an opportunity to reconnect with nature, to enhance their creative practice and explore the wisdom of the Dharma. In short - a place to open to the depths of human experience.

Alfoxton Park Holford, Bridgwater,
United Kingdom

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