‘Wierde’ or ‘terp’ is the word for a mound or small hill that ancient people build to keep their feet dry. A bit later sanctuaries and churches were typically build on them. There are a number of them in the north of the Netherlands. The Buddhawierde is a retreat centre on the one in Usquert, opposite of the church.

It is placed in a quiet street, with friendly neighbours and playing children, a car crawling by about five times a day, and possibly the sound of a lawnmower of something like that. So it is not completely silent, but still a very suitable place to meditate and calm down. At the rear is a beautiful garden, in which you can sit and where you are completely alone.

Around Usquert there is the dutch polder – flatter than flat. You can go for walks and explore the old local villages. It takes about an hour to walk to Noordpolderzijl, where the Waddensea begins.

A short video about the creation of the Centre:

Silavadin writes: “My ideal for the Boeddhawierde is that it would be an oasis where people can have a rest from samsara, breathe, be themselves, get together and practice the Dharma, especially art and meditation, and thrive. There should also be a place for the unusual.”

Kerkstraat 3,
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