Padmaloka Retreat Centre

For over 40 years Padmaloka has stood at the heart of the men’s wing of the Triratna Order. Padmaloka is more than just a retreat centre, it is in essence a Buddhist seminary, a semi-monastic religious community of men striving to place the Buddha's teachings at the centre of their lives and helping others to do the same. All who come here join the Padmaloka community in an ongoing exploration of the great treasury of Buddhist tradition, working out its relevance to our lives today.

Entering into the magic of Padmaloka, ‘The Lotus Realm’, whether on a two-week retreat or just for a weekend, we glimpse the Buddhist vision of what we can become as human beings and the sense of the boundless potential for compassion and understanding that resides in every heart.

Padmaloka Retreat Centre
Lesingham House,
NR14 7AL
United Kingdom

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