Sudarshanaloka is a Buddhist retreat centre near Thames, New Zealand. Our aim is to provide the conditions for people to deepen their spiritual practice. We run meditation retreats, offer isolated cabins for solitary retreats, and host community events.

Sudarshanaloka Retreat Centre
126 Victoria Street,
New Zealand

Retreats For This Centre

Dates Retreat Type Gender
Awake and Embodied 1 - with Viveka 12/12/2023 to 20/12/2023 Triratna Mitra Mixed
Awake and Embodied 2 - with Viveka 20/12/2023 to 27/12/2023 Triratna Regular Mixed
New Year retreat 28/12/2023 to 01/01/2024 Triratna Regular Mixed
Young Persons Retreat 02/01/2024 to 07/01/2024 Triratna Regular Mixed
The Art of the Mandala 18/01/2024 to 23/01/2024 Introductory / Open Mixed