We bought Suryavana, “the Iluminated Forest”, in September 2016. It is an auspicious find, as the Valencia Sangha had been looking for somewhere for a long time. We wanted a retreat place near to town, but at the same time sufficiently hidden away in the hills to provide the best conditions for meditation and reflection. Suryavana is the place! We were looking for accommodation up to 30 people comfortably and up to 60 for a festival. 

Masia Novales, as it is known locally, is a renovated country house set up as a hotel or “casa rural”, as they say here in Spain. The renovation is to such a high standard that we just had to move in! Each bedroom has a fully appointed bathroom attached. There is an ample dining room and lounge with a fire place. There is an industrial sized kitchen fully equiped. There is a swimming pool for the warmer months.

A top floor of a secondary building makes the shrine-room. The property is completely off grid so we supply energy via solar panels and get water from local springs. The area is abundant in vegetable growers, olives and almonds, so much of our food can be sourced locally. 

Amazingly too a local train runs up from Valencia several times a day and a long distance cycle track leads straight by the Retreat Centre so it is easy to get to by public transport. It takes around 50 minutes by car from the city. 

The main function of the retreat centre is to serve the needs of the local Sangha here in Valencia and in Spain. In fact it is the only retreat centre in the Spanish peninsular dedicated to use for Spaniards. 

However the Centre is open to the international community. We run the Ordination process here inviting folks from all over the Spanish speaking world. We are already running in English, Bodhiyoga International yoga and meditation retreats and yoga teacher training at the venue.

Our intention is to invite teachers and practitioners from all over Europe to do meditation retreats or have Triratna Buddhist gatherings and meetings in this ideal setting.

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Retreats For This Centre

Dates Retreat Type Gender
Celebrating Suryavana 02/12/2022 to 04/12/2022 Introductory / Open Mixed
Celebrating Suryavana 02/12/2022 to 04/12/2022 Introductory / Open Mixed

Solitaries For This Centre